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What is VANQUISH ME Non-Invasive Fat Removal?

BTL VANQUISH ME is the second generation of contactless technology for fat cell disruption. The device has the largest treatment area in the industry, ensuring an unrivaled level of patient comfort and safety, without BMI < 30 limitations.

Using the patented Selective RFTM technology, BTL VANQUISH ME allows physicians to reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area, or inner and outer thighs.


  • Abdominal Fat Reduction:
    A non-invasive treatment that specifically targets the abdomen to reduce fat in that area. Vanquish™ fat reduction uses radio frequency to heats fat cells in the abdomen and remove them from the body.
  • Fat reduction For Flanks:
    A device that is used as a non-surgical treatment for fat reduction is aimed at the love handles. The Vanquish™ technology can reduce and destroy fat cells in that specific area with radio frequency.
  • No-downtime Fat Reduction:
    A fat reduction treatment that is non-surgical, so it doesn’t require a recovery period for the patient. Patients can go back to their regular routine after the procedure.
  • Monopolar Radiofrequency:
    A skin tightening treatment that distributes radiofrequency into the skin to treat sagging and loss of laxity. Monopolar radiofrequency penetrates the skin through a vertical process.

The BTL VANQUISH ME procedure disrupts fatty cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue. The process leads to fatty cell shrinkage and elimination.

Reducing fat in areas like the abdomen, thighs and lower back can feel impossible after consistent efforts have been made with rigorous exercise and stringent dieting. Perhaps you have reached a plateau and the fatty areas around your stomach and other problem areas are just not budging. You’re sure that seeking surgery is not an option for you. But there’s no reason to settle with the flabby flesh that is making you uncomfortable. At Aesthetic Medicine, we offer a few fat removal choices, including Vanquish™ Fat Reduction. It’s a non-surgical procedure that’s effective at minimizing the “spare tire” and “love handles” that you may be struggling to get rid of.

Vanquish™ is a comfortable treatment that uses focused-field radio signals to destroy fat cells in your front abdominal, lower back and “love handles” areas. It’s fast and can safely be used to trim your waistline without any risk of damage to your skin. One unique feature of Vanquish™ is that it can target and treat areas where bulges of fat are present without touching the skin. This is a great alternative for people who want to avoid procedures like liposuction and are primarily concerned with reducing specific areas of excess fat.

This procedure has been used on a large portion of the population with positive results. We understand that before getting the treatment, some patients may want to address some concerns, so they can fully grasp what the treatment is and what they can expect during and after the treatment. We have included some common questions that some patients may have.

Cheryl Ambrose
Cheryl Ambrose
20:38 09 Dec 19
I noticed a difference in my chin line immediately after the post-surgery bandages were removed. I could see the full... effect in my next picture...I do have a chin!The staff was courteous and follow-up visits were easy and helpful. When I asked for a refill of the topical cream that was used for massaging the surgery site, it was given happily at no additional charge.The only thing I was not happy with result wise is the condition of my skin in that area. It is a little loose. When I move my head a certain way, it crinkles up under my chin.I am still very glad I had the more
Christie Higgins
Christie Higgins
06:36 07 Dec 19
I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and tranquil environment. Each doctor and technician is very skilled,... knowledgeable and caring. They are very helpful in making choices of the types of treatments that are best suited for your personal needs. I feel really well-cared for after a more
mary ellen coyle
mary ellen coyle
01:54 30 Nov 19
You have to do a lot of research on the procedure that you are having done. They show a lot of before and after... pictures of clients, but don't tell how many treatments it took to acquire that result. Before signing on for Laser lift it was mentioned that a filler could enhance the results. After 4 treatments I am less than satisfied and finding out that most clients do fillers as part of the treatment. I hope at the end of 8 treatments I can see better resultsread more
Siobhan Davis
Siobhan Davis
04:21 23 Nov 19
I love the staff here! Very professional, helpful and friendly. I’ve been coming here for years and I am always... exceptionally pleased with the results and quality of service. Scheduling is always a dream and very accommodating, unlike other high end establishments I’ve tried. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of care and service. I can’t recommend them enough, you won’t be disappointed!read more
Ann Laffin
Ann Laffin
04:51 21 Nov 19
I have had both liposuction and a bracheoplasty and am pleased with the results. I don't look 40 again (I"m 72) but I'm... not embarrassed to wear short sleeves any more and my neck is very much improved. I have had several areas done, and have some ideas for some more in the future. I think the liposuction technique they use is superior to that done by other clinics and wouldn't have that done anywhere else.The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the doctors are quite skilled, and I would recommend the clinic to anyone thinking about the more
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