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LipoLift is the trademarked name of Dr. Darm's signature laser-assisted liposuction procedure (laser lipolysis) that permanently removes fat from the body. This minimally invasive surgical procedure is a popular body sculpting solution that “melts” fat with less pain, less downtime, and consistently favorable results. The laser is slipped thru a very small hole in the skin and passed back and forth slowly dissolving fat and fat cells. The melted fat is then gently sucked out through a small cannula. One to two liters of fat can be removed during the procedure. Treatment areas include the abdomen, flanks, arms, neck, and thighs. The laser helps to tighten the skin as much as 17% opposed to traditional liposuction techniques.

Unlike some national providers, you'll always meet with the doctor that will perform your procedure before your surgery. We'll also perform a full medical history and physical (H&P), Electrocardiogram (ECG), and blood workup to ensure that you're a good candidate for the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, your physician will schedule follow-up appointments to review your results.


What to Expect at Your Consultation

At your scheduled consultation you will be greeted by a Wellness Consultant who will take you to a private office to watch a short video segment which visually explains the procedure. You will be shown before and after photos of previous patients to allow you a visual conception of what the procedure and physicians techniques have achieved in past cases. The photos shown will only be of patients who have given written consent to show their images. You will either, see the doctor who performs your procedure, nurse practitioner who assists in the procedure, or lastly have a telecommunication discussion from a licensed physician to determine if you may be a candidate for the procedure. This is done to determine your health status, medications, and to answer your medical questions before committing to the procedure. Once this is completed if you are a candidate and you are interested in moving forward all of your financial paperwork will be processed and your blood work and EKG will be completed for the physician to review before your history and physical. Your before photo’s will be taken as well for your clinical chart records and your appointment will be scheduled. Then prior to the procedure a physician or nurse practitioner will perform a full history and physical. If at that time it is determined that you are not a candidate you will receive a full refund, and will not be charged for the blood work, EKG, or history and physical.

Liposuction Techniques

Understanding the Different Liposuction Techniques is very important before deciding what you are getting and the procedure you really want. Liposuction is also known as lipoplasty is a technique most commonly used in cosmetic surgery for removing excess fat, body sculpting, and contouring. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed and continues to grow.

Most Common Techniques Used

  • Laser Assisted Liposuction (LAL): This procedure utilizes a laser device to gently melt the fat and then a mechanical vacuum device to suction out the fat. This technique has less downtime, faster recovery, and with the heat of the laser adds skin tightening to all the areas treated. A local infiltration with lidocaine anesthesia can be used to numb the area treated while the patient is awake. To relax the patient a light oral sedative is optional and is used in many cases. Many manufacturers have marketed these lasers to the public including SmartLipo, SlimLipo, LipoLite, and TickleLipo to name a few. The device that we use is the SlimLipo by Palomar which we believe to be a superior device given our experience. The puncture wounds are very small, about the size of a cocktail straw, without requiring suturing and usually heal without significant scarring. The procedure is quick, comfortable and very effective at eliminating unwanted subcutaneous fat. Normally only one day is required to recover. A compression garment is then worn for 3 weeks to maximize results.
  • Traditional Liposuction: Utilizes a cannula to mechanically rip out the fat and then a mechanical vacuum device to suction out the fat. This technique requires more downtime, longer recovery, and no tightening. This particular procedure may require general anesthesia which adds to the risk involved. A week for recovery is not uncommon.
  • Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL): Utilizes a motorized device to mechanically cut and rip the fat deposits and then a mechanical vacuum device to suction out the fat. This technique is more damaging to the tissue. It requires more downtime, longer recovery and there is no tightening. This particular procedure may require general anesthesia which adds to the risk involved. Again there is more pain, trauma and downtime.
  • Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (UAL): Utilizes high-pitched sound waves to liquefy the fat and a mechanical vacuum device to suction out the fat. You experience more pain, more downtime and less tightening than laser assisted liposuction.
  • Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL): Utilizes a fan-shaped water jet to break up the fat and a mechanical vacuum device to suction out the fat. While less traumatic this technique is also less effective and there is no skin tightening.
  • Non-Invasive Options: This includes a wide array of devices utilizing many different technologies. In most of these procedures multiple treatments are required and in most cases they are performed by a laser technician or Esthetician. To achieve maximum results special diets, exercise, and drinking a certain amount of water are required. The pricing is generally the same as liposuction. None of these options can achieve the results that can be accomplished using the Laser Assisted Liposuction in one treatment. Some of the technology includes:






  • Liposuction Areas: Make sure to ask questions regarding pricing and how the areas are determined. We keep it simple for you to understand and feel that we truly meet our patient’s expectations. We will always price match any reasonable offer.

Some physicians may utilize these techniques in combination during a procedure. Even adding a laser for tightening to the mechanical devices is not the same as pure laser technology. You will still experience the pain, downtime and inadequate tightening seen with purely mechanical techniques. At Aesthetic Medicine we only utilize LAL (Laser Assisted Liposuction). We use much smaller cannulas, than with traditional liposuction and we do not use traumatizing mechanical devices to disrupt the fat. At Aesthetic Medicine we will perform a blood panel, EKG, and full History and Physical to make sure that you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. This is not done by most providers who offer these services. Make sure that you understand what technique will be used in your procedure so that you understand the downtime, healing process involved, and lastly the risk involved. This is especially important if you decide to perform this procedure elsewhere. Again we do not utilize any technique other than the laser assisted liposuction that only involves local anesthesia and no IV while you are completely awake. Dr. Zawacki is the only physician performing this procedure at our facility, it is the only procedure that she performs and she has performed over 3000 of these procedures.

Introduction to Dr. Zawacki

Dr. Zawacki followed in her father’s footsteps by deciding to become a physician. She is a board certified physician who performs our trademarked LipoLift™ procedure here at Aesthetic Medicine. She graduated from Western State College of Colorado, with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and received her M.D. from the Saba University School of Medicine.

Then she completed her residency in Family Medicine with Southwest Washington Hospital. She had worked in the Aesthetic Industry three years in Washington and Oregon performing Botox, Fillers, Sclerotherapy, VNUS Closure procedures, and Laser Liposculpture with the SmartLipo device prior to joining Aesthetic Medicine in 2009. She has continued her training both with the manufacturer and two very prominent physicians in the field of Laser Liposuction. Dr. Zawacki is licensed both in Oregon and Washington. She only performs laser liposuction at Aesthetic Medicine and she has significantly improved her skills after performing thousands of these procedures since 2009. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Physicians and is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Obstetric Life Support, Advanced Pediatric Life Support, and Advanced Neonatal Life Support. Dr. Zawacki belongs to the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Association, Clark County Medical Society, and Wilderness Medical Society. She is an avid skier, world traveler, hiker, and enjoys photography when she is not practicing medicine at Aesthetic Medicine.

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